Share capital

Total nominal capital CHF 2,352,941.30
Number of shares issued / nominal value
- Founder Shares
- Class A Shares

1,764,706 / CHF 0.10
21,764,707 / CHF 0.10

Key security data

Security Class A Shares Redeemable warrants
Listing SIX Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange
Ticker VT5 VT5W
Swiss security number 110.797.983 110.800.808
ISIN CH1107979838 CH1108008082
Trading currency CHF CHF
Number of Shares / Warrants oustanding 20,000,001 6,666,657

Securities trading

The Class A Shares and Redeemable warrants of VT5 are traded under the International Reporting Standard at SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich, Switzerland.

The price performance of the Class A Shares can be followed here:

The price performance of the Redeemable Warrants can be followed here:

Important shareholders

Information on significant shareholders can be found on the platform of SIX Exchange Regulation under following link:

Share registry

Devigus AG
Birkenstrasse 47
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
Phone: +41 41 798 48 48